Day 42 is not so hot…

Day 42 Power 90. I started the day out bad by weighing in and found out that I’m 287.9 lbs, which is up 1.7 lbs since last weigh in 7/24/2012. I know why… We had several high carb things the last few days without a lot of exercise to work it off… Had half of a medium Shakespear’s Masterpiece Pizza last night, nachos when we went to see The Watch yesterday (that movie was not worth seeing in the theater, but we saw it there…), and a few other things from restaurants the last few days, including some pasta at Stephanina’s when we went to the zoo the other day…

Day 42 got worse when I started the cardio/abs III-IV tape today and got to the jumping jacks and a little past the first round of that when my lower hamstring near the back of my knee, and some of the muscles joining the upper and lower leg in that area started hurting very badly. About the same time my siaticca started acting up (that’s a nerve that issue that runs from outer edge of of the pelvis about where a belt goes that runs down to the front of the knee. In some people with inflammation issues that nerve sort of burns/stings sometiems, especially if jarred too much, etc. Between the two areas of pain I had to stop the workout. I will probably not do a workout tonight because of this and just hope there is no pain in tomorrows workout.

I guess one of the big lessons that Tony Horton teaches is to listen to your body, I am doing that now. I may not like what it says since it’s keeping me from a workout today, but I am listening…

Tomorrow it’s back to ‘regular’ routine since I’ll be going back to work. Maybe getting back to normal routine will help my body adjust to getting used to workout out again?…

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