Jeff is reclaiming his unique digital identity with a sense of clarity.

day 44 – rest

I’m counting today as another rest day. I probably shouldn’t but I stayed up too late last night to allow myself enough time to get up too early this morning. Body probably needs some rest after introducing it back to work anyways since that’s a bit of a stressful thing after a week of vacation. The reason I stayed up too late last night – I discovered what Bluestacks is. It’s addicting, especially since I don’t have a tablet or smart phone…

News is talking about how bees are not producing honey since there’s no nectar due to the drought, etc. Kinda glad I don’t have a big enough apartment to allow myself room to do encaustic painting now because that will probably up the prices on bees wax even higher than it is normally (which is usually too high anyways).

Yesterday was Tekla’s first day of going back to school. She seems to enjoy it a lot.


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