Day 38 Power 90

Day 38 of the Power 90 is now complete. I did the Level III-IV cardio/abs workout. Abs part of the workout was very difficult since I did the cardio workout last night that required some ab use. I did manage to do all of the Power Yoga again even though it’s still somewhat difficult. Got Flownase prescription filled yesterday so hopefully that will help with the breathing a little. Hard to workout hard when you are having difficult time breathing. Fall season is coming early this year since everything’s been so hot and dry lately.

day 37 add on

Day 37 addon workout is now complete. Did another cardio tape. and it’s now 5 til 11 PM… Got to start doing these workouts earlier. Just hard to do when there’s only one tv in the house and America’s Got Talent is on on Tuesdays.

Day 37!

Day 37 Power 90 Workout is now down for the count! Today’s workout was probably the ‘most interrupted’ ever. Had a call from my brother-in-law during the 7-7-7 pushups and had a conversation with my wife about 10 minutes before that before she headed out the door to do some errands. However, this workout is now knocked out. I had to go down to the 5 lb weights a lot more often than in past workouts when I was using the 10 lb ones because IO may be overdoing it with the ‘add on’ workouts at night. My wife is kindly suggesting that I stop the night workouts so that I give my body more time to repair. I am still on the fence about this since I really don’t want to tear my body down too much but feel the extra workout is needed to help with the calorie burn factor.

I probably should only be weighing in once a week, but weighed in again today because I’m wanting to verify the accuracy of the scale. So far it seems ok, so maybe that few days back when I ‘lost’ over 5 lbs overnight was right. Can’t imagine how it could be, but maybe it was?

Today’s weigh in results:
286.2 lbs.
Total lost since 7/22/2012 (the first weigh in day) = 1.5 lbs
Total lost since 6/24/2012 = 10.3 lbs

In the discussion with the Doctor yesterday, the doc said that loosing 4 lbs or more a month is considered a good step in right direction and any more than that is ‘excellent.’.. Loosing 1.5 lbs in 2 days may be too much in that case, so I’ll probably try to keep up the nightly workouts but if they get in the way I’ll drop them in a week or two. I do ‘feel the burn’ a little more than normal, and the nightly workout is probably the reason for that. If this level of ‘pain’ gets worse throughout the week it’ll probably be a sign that I should drop the nightly workouts.

Day 36 addon

Did a light cardio tape again tonight. I’ll keep doing this every night, switching up what I do so as to keep myself from being bored… I’m hoping this addon will cause calorie burn per day to essentially double since I want to get results and I want to get them now. Doing one workout a day is ok, but I want to be ‘active’ and one workout a day is barely starting to be there. Doing 2 a day is better so long as I space them out enough so one is in the morning and one is at night. As long as I don’t burn myself out, I should do ok. 🙂

Doctor has said in the past that one hour a day should be a ‘goal’ for me or anyone wanting to get active. These tapes are a little over or under 30 minutes each so two a day is not really ‘overdoing’ it I think.

Day 36 Power 90

Day 36’s Power 90 workout is now done. Did the Level III-IV Cario/abs/’sweat’ tape.

The ab workout was tough since I just ate lunch about 15 minutes before the workout. I find that this workout is much, much, much easier early in the morning when I haven’t eaten yet. I didn’t do it early this morning though because I had to go to the doctor appointment this morning. They did do a blood draw, so it’s a good thing I fasted. Last night before bed sugar was about 130 or a little lower so I didn’t want to risk ruining blood sugar and/or risk a sugar crash with a morning workout and/or cause a blood sugar spike with workout this morning since I’m told that working out causes blood sugar to increase temporarily as body is trying to make up for calories being burned by opening the flood gates and throwing sugar in to feed the body with energy as you work it.

I’ll probably do another cardio workout tonight.

day 35 add on…

Did a light cardio tape tonight. I’ll probably start doing that every night, switching up what I do so as to keep myself from being bored… tomorrow morning I go to the doctor and probably will end up getting A1C measured. We’ll see how that goes when the time gets here in the morning.