day 45 add on.

Day 45 add on workout is complete now! 🙂 Burning calories like crazy today.

Idea for a drawing – zebra in a silhouetted background landscape with red and purple and blue background sky… I was at the zoo the other day and loved the patterns on the zebras. The black and white is such a powerful contrast. The hair mane hair sticking up is so interesting looking…

The 30 day challenge on the photo taking is off to a horrible start. The Little Cobra Camera seems to be broken today when I tried to use it. Battery was fully charged and it just won’t turn on. I have an ancient camera that’s only 1.3 megapixel and uses 4 AA batteries I will have to use as a backup. Really sucks that this happened. I wish the old Kodak Easy Cam worked off of the base, but it’s broken too and only works if attached to the charger 😦

I haven’t done the ‘morning pages’ that I’m not doing in the mornings any more yet, but will before the end of the night.

Today’s been kinda crazy, but in a very good and excellent way.

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