Day 46 add ons

Day 46 cardio add on is now complete. I’m going to probably need to start watching sugar levels more if I keep up these two workouts a day thing… Sugar was below 130 at 2:00 or so this afternoon and at 96 or so after I got home from work. If my sugar goes below 100 I start getting headaches, sweating, lost train of thought, etc. Supposedly metformin won’t make you crash like insulin does but the working out twice a day might?… Body is definitely feeling the burn. I’m also finding myself doing random movements more at work that are like the workouts… some not so random actually. I use my lunch box as a weight sort of and use it to do curls down the hallway, lift it up like I’m doing shoulder lifts going down stairwells, do jogging lunge things – where you put your arms in air like you are peddling a wheel with arms when going down stairwell without the lunchbox… I can only do that on one of the stairwells though. Can’t do that sort of stuff on the circular stairs since you have to keep balance as you turn body to ascend or descend the circular part.

Concept idea for tonight:
SELF PORTRAIT from lower left to upper right of canvas, arm extended across the canvas, reaching… on the left the old ways, thoughts, themes, on the right new ideas, new themes, beautiful stuff… Hand is reaching towards the new… reaching for the future… Other hand is possibly holding a shield type pose blocking face from the past sort of… not sure on the other hand thing… our past is a part of us – why hide from it?… since it’d be back of head shot it might be trying to do too much putting two hands in…?

Inspiration for this idea:

Gerhardt Richter:

Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam on the Sistine Chapel

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