Day 47 Power 90

Day 47 of the Power 90 is now complete.

I did the Circuit III-IV tape today. I used 10 lb weights on the first couple of weight exercises and 5 lbs after that on the others. I think that this is enough for now since it really gets the workout started off but without super amounts of strain on joints and muscles. I am not using bands or really even the bars on the weights, just a weight itself so I am having to do one lb weights on the first of the wrist lifts since I can’t make the weight go the right way that way. I can do it with 5 lb and have a few days already here and there, but I have my middle finger through the hole in the weight so on the wrist where wrists are lifting upwards with palms down it’s too much strain to do that with 5 lb. Turning it around is no problem. Just tough to fight gravity that way. I will probably try to start using the bar in the coming weeks to fix that problem.

for the 7x7x7 pushups and max pushups I’m still doing girl push ups since it’s less tough on the wrists for the ones where hands are close together and also because it lets me do the max a lot further out than I normally could.

Last night we went out to Buffolo Wild wings and they had updated menu to put calorie counts on the stuff. OH MY GOD! I never realized how many calories were in that stuff. I always just assumed that since it’s chicken, which is fairly low carb it should be ok… It’s not. Some of the stuff on menu was over 2k calories and that was just in appetizers! Most of the stuff is in the 1k plus range. We have got to start eating at home more often. It’s bad when a place you think is somewhat safe is worse than the worse places out there! I don’t think those calorie counts even counted the sauces in, so I’m sure it’s horrible.

I think I’ve got the workout thing down a little. Next phase is focusing on what I eat more.

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