Day 50 – Lasagna inspired rest day.

Day 50 is today. I am taking a rest day since we had lasagna, garlic toast, and I had a huge homemade salad to go with all of that last night (salad had an orange, a tomato, spinach leaves, sunflower seeds, cheese, spiced turkey, peppers, and catalina dressing! Yum.) last night. I really overate with 3 slices of the bread and two slices of the lasgana. I figured since it’s a new 7 day week according to my paper calendar that I’m using to track all of this stuff with, it’s time for a break today. I really was not looking forward to doing a ton of crunches this morning on a full stomach like this. I do need to watch carb counting more. Pasta is this Superman’s Kryptonite. I love Italian food. It’s a good thing we don’t eat it too often, lol.

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