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Day 52 got done somehow…

Day 52 of the Power 90 is now done. I almost gave up on it about the time I got to the jumping jacks since I was sore, stiff, and sweating more than normal.

Yesterday was horrible eating day… For lunch the Lead bought us pizza and I had 3 pieces of it and then had salad too. I also had a lot of diet soda… and then for supper had gyros, fries, and another big salad.

All those carbs from the gyros and pizza is kicking my stomach today. It’s gross but I ended up with heartburn during the workout and ended up actually spitting up by the time I got to the very end. Very nasty stuff. I have got to get my act together on the dieting since I can’t continue to do the workouts and be enthusiastic about it unless I do.


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