Day 53 weigh in

Day 53 Weigh in:
Current Weight: 281.8
Loss since last weigh in 8/5/2012: 1.1 lbs.
Total Loss since first weigh in: 14.7 lbs.

I’m not feeling too great right now since back is aching, got slight muscle aches and headache. I think I might have possible electrolyte imbalance issues, and this working out every night and morning is too much. Going to skip workout tonight and try to do workouts at nights every other day and continue workout in morning every day and see how that works. I think that should theoretically give me enough rest time. Muscles need time to rest and repair. The extra nightly workouts are nice for the extra calorie burn but I don’t want to overdo it and burn out. Also, I think this workout every other night plan is awesome idea because on the off nights it’ll allow me time to do some more photography before the sun gets to where it’s not out at all after I get off of work and/or time to do painting, etc.

I am very happy to see that I did lose weight even though I carbed it up this week with taco bell, pizza at work, and some other stuff noted in previous posts. Makes me really see that this thing is working and working darn well! 🙂

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