Day 54 …

Day 54 Workout was partially done. I was doing the Carido Abs III-IV tape and got up to about the last round of side kicks before I had to stop the workout. I was belching a lot and felt like I had some heartburn starting up. Also, the muscle on the side of my left leg under the sciatic nerve was starting to hurt a lot. I get sciatica there sometimes. Since we had greasy ol G&D pizza for supper last night I figured it was time to quit the workout today. I don’t feel like spitting up again today like I did the other day… We ate pizza last night because Tekla wanted to ‘celebrate’ and she loves that place. She was celebrating because yesterday was the first day she gave a full hour massage at school. She’s in a year long certification program at the Healing Arts Center in St. Louis so if you need a massage therapists over a year after you read this you might look her up if you are in this area and was a bit worried that she wouldn’t be able to do longer massages like that but she came through with flying colors. She’s going to be a great therapist.

I will probably try to do a cardio workout tonight though.

I thought about how to set up a realistic and obtainable set of goals today, which might be more realistic than the goals I set the other day, and more trackable too…

So here’s what I came up with…
Continue with the Power 90 workouts, or something similar after these first 90 days EVERY morning except the once a week ‘rest day’ whenever that will be (varies week to week depending on how I’m feeling any given day of the week)

Write 3 single space pages every night as a form of ‘morning pages’ for The Artists Way that I’m just doing at night instead of in the morning. Might be more productive and hit subconscious connections more in mornings, but I need to do these at night when I have more time since time is limited in mornings due to the workouts.

Do a cardio workout at night EVERY OTHER night.

On the nights that I don’t do the cardio workout, do a ‘photo walk.’ Photo walks are basically just nature walks with a camera. Sometimes these might be long walks with few photos. Other days they may just be short walks that don’t even move past a 12 foot area where hundreds of photos are shot in one area. In the past when I did this sort of thing it was very relaxing and helped me relieve stress, open up right brain thinking, open up ideas on composition creating, etc. I want to get back in to that sort of stuff. Practice makes perfect. I think of the camera as a sort of tool similar to a sketchbook or blog, etc. to capture textures, ideas, compositions, little ideas to build on later etc.

The walks probably won’t be super long… maybe 10-20 minutes. Might be longer sometimes. Only time will tell.

After the walks I will try to work on painting or drawing or maybe work on 3d stuff in computer — making stuff for Turbosquid, etc.

I’ll try to track most of this stuff in clip boards, excel files, and sometimes here on the blog, etc. I find that if I do all three I tend to stick to the program more and not get off course too much since the three ways of recording the thing makes it sort of sink in more… similar to the way elementary teachers try to get their students to learn by hearing the stuff, writing it down, and then regurgitating/repeating it back, etc.

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