new plan…

ok… new plan on working out.. will work out every morning, and then on afternoons when I can during the week. I really don’t feel like getting a second shower on weekends to accommodate working out twice. During the week it’s not so bad since I kinda want to get out of work clothes as soon as I get home anyways. Will I be able to do the nightly workouts everyday Monday – Friday? Not sure… maybe, only time will tell. I need to stay focused on making the morning routines work and stick with them, at least til the 90 days are up. I have been doing that pretty well. Need to stay on that goal before hopping around to new goals. I do like the idea of working out in the afternoon in addition to working out during the week, just not the idea of having to take two showers a day, especially on weekends since it dries out skin, etc. During weekdays it will be more tolerable. Just a matter of if I can make myself do the workouts during the week.

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