Went to the Urgent Care today. They were not able to do stitches since over 12 hours has passed since the time of the accident. They won’t do stitches past that time since they are afraid it will cause infection…


what’s worse is it’s advised that I take a few days of ‘rest’ so as to not infect this wound on my arm with sweat and/or damage it due to movement of the skin and muscles in the wounded area… 😦


I guess I’m going in to days 58-62 without working out… 😦

It kinda pisses me off that I can’t ‘finish strong’ but since I plan to continue the workouts well past day 90, I guess it’s not too bad of a thing.. just kinda irritating…

Day 62 will be Saturday… After that I’ll decide if I need to rest on the weekend too or workout then. I’m thinking about just ‘resting’ til Monday… since the wound happened Monday night that’ll give me a week to heal basically. After that, I plan to get back in to the workouts regularly. Just kinda makes me mad that I can’t do the full 90 days this go round… but I guess I’ll have many more months to do that in the future since I plan to continue working out regularly the rest of my life… Not sure if I’ll keep blogging about the workouts, but might… it has helped me stick to the plan when I take the time to blog about it, so maybe for that reason I should continue the blogging about the exercises…???…!!!…

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