modified no s diet

I’m contemplating eventually starting a modified NO S diet.

The rules would be, if I start it, NO, WHEN I START IT:
– no snacks
– no sweets
– no sugary foods
– no seconds
– no soda (or coffee, or anything other than tea or water usually — even then, no tea during meals since I read somewhere that tea has some chemical (riboflavin or something like that) which causes you to not digest food as well as you should – tea is fine between meals but not during meals because of that?..)
– no salty foods
– no six, sixteen dollar or sixty dollar shits (in other words, no eating out at restaurants, cafeterias, or overpriced places like that where the cost per meal is usually about six dollars or more per plate, which usually just results in you overeating and having to go use the toilet an hour or two later — you paid sixty dollars for that shit at the steakhouse)
– no steakhouses
– no saltines (I’m the type that could put a whole pack of saltines in a bowl of soup if I allow myself too… guess this falls under no salty foods, but maybe it could be a new rule – no soup?… )
– no salsa (I tend to overeat at Mexican restaurants, etc.)
– no ‘sleeping in’
– no ‘staying up late’ (need to go to bed by 9 or 10 PM instead of by 1:30 AM, etc.)
– no ‘sorry’ – in otherwords got to stay focused on positive things and not looking negatively at things I have not accomplished yet… and if/when I do falter and get off course, get up, brush off, and continue onwards instead of getting sullen and feeling sorry for myself or whatever. Got to get rid of the negativity in my life since that just drowns me and snowballs in to depression ultimately. Can’t let that happen any more.

except on Sunday for Supper.

Sunday will be the ‘rest’ day for the workouts, so this should work nicely if I can do it. It will take a lot of willpower to not do snacks. I’ve become too used to having them… It’ll also take a lot of willpower to go without soda and caffiene since I’ve made diet soda my ‘way of life’ since getting diagnosed with diabetes, but I think I can make this change eventually and WANT to make this change. Goal is probably to start it Monday, but we’ll see.

I guess I can call this the NoS 2WO diet – No S, Two Work Outs a day.

1 thought on “modified no s diet

  1. Best of luck! I couldn’t add so many extra rules without feeling like I was some sort of criminal. Have you ever read any of the books about willpower and habit? (Not that I have…)

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