Day 60…

Well, it’s day 60. I’m kinda bummed out since I have not been able to workout the last few days because of the cut on my arm. Doctor’s instructions were to rest a few days. I’ll probably start the working out again this weekend or on Monday at the latest. I was going to use this weekend as an excuse to go hog wild since I was going to start the No S diet stuff on Monday, and also start hard core on doing the workouts twice a day then… but after tonight’s weigh in I’m not so sure that that’s a great idea to not workout on the weekend… because I went up in weight! I’m now 285.3 lbs.

That’s a total loss since the first weigh in of 11.2 lbs, and a weight gain of 3.5 lbs since 8/9/2012, which was a week ago. Today at work we had a monthly meeting that they do the birthday cake at and I had 3 pieces of cake… Last night Tekla and I had speghetti, and I’m sure the serving size was way more than it should have been, especially with all the french bread. Tekla keeps reminding me that I want to make these changes for life, not just the 90 days, so little setbacks are not a huge thing since I have the rest of my life to reverse them and get back on course. She is, of course, right, but it is still frustrating when stuff like this happens. I was expecting to look a lot better than I am now by day 60. Going forward, I know I can do better, especially if I’m doing the workouts at night too. The few times that I have done them I’ve felt great afterwards. I really like the idea of doing two workouts a day.

Of course, the scale I’m using seems to be off. Tried to weight the jack handle and when I weight with it in my arms it’s saying I lost weight today, lol. Might be time to change the batteries?

Will I stick with the video workouts I’ve been doing after the 90 days… Not sure… may try something new. Reading about the No S diet was interesting… The guy that created that diet is in to shovelglove, which is swinging a big sledge hammer around as a form of working out. I can identify with the sledghammer/lumberjack idea a little being from a rural area, and also having gone up to Astoria and Portland area a couple of years ago since my wife has some relatives up there. (one of the family members up there specializes in importing exotic wood from Japan and elsewhere, etc. Kinda goes with the ‘exotic farmer’ saying mentioned in an earlier post from back in college, lol). I don’t own a sledge hammer yet, but do have a big jackhandle that I got from my granddad’s house earlier this year when we were cleaning the place out that I might try using. Swung it around a little today and almost broke something, so if I do it I will definitely have to do it outside or in the laundry room across the hall… apartments too small for that sort of exercise.

Ok… Time for the videos… I kinda like looking at the videos here on the blog next to one another since it makes it easier to compare/contrast, etc.

Day 60, 285.3 lbs:

Day 30, 289.2 lbs:

Before Power 90, 296.5 + lbs:






The “battle wound” – this is a shot of the knife wound taken the morning after it happened.
Kind of a crappy pixelated video, but it gives you some idea. Kinda hard to show it in camera since the angle was straight on as the pointy end of the knife went straight in. The knife was in the dish rack drying when it happened… my arm hit it while trying to wash some other dishes, so I guess I sort of impaled it on accident. Needless to say, any dishes I do from now on, the knives will always have sharp edge down, not up. I used to always point the knives up to keep the part that touches the food less prone to getting germs on it, etc. but not any more… just too risky with our damn small kitchen sink.

No idea how far the knife went in, but my guess is based on the width and angle, it probably went in about half an inch or so. The wound bled through several napkins I used to apply pressure to it. It quit bleeding by the time ambulance got here, so I didn’t go in with them to the ER… I probably should have since the stupid hospital will probably bill this thing as a x99 ‘patient convenience’ item, which some insurances don’t pay… urgh.. don’t get me started on how screwed up the insurance world is these days.

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