day 65 evening…

No workout tonight. I originally was planning on doing a workout every night and every morning, but am feeling a little sore today in abs and have a little bit of a headache and feel dehydrated, so no workout tonight. Tomorrow will be a new day. Weigh in tonight: 284.6 lbs. That’s a loss of .7 lbs since 8/16/2012 (i.e. last Thursday). Still have not lost all 3.5 lbs I gained on the forced rest days but but since this is day two of the NO S diet I think I’m not doing too bad… So far have avoided soda, snacks, and sweets today. Hope to keep it up tonight. It was tough smelling the chicken at the gas station after work as I was filling up gas… there’s a chicken place next to the gas station in the same building… but I avoided it. Also avoided going in to the gas station by paying at the pump. I need to do that more often. Now that snacks are out of my diet, I hope to do the pay at the pump thing more. Up til I started this diet I had started a very bad habbit of always going in to the convenience store and getting a 45 oz diet mt. dew mixed a spash of tropicana… God just writing that out here is making me salivate. Might try a round of turbo tapping to help erase this…

This diet is making me appreciate food more when I do eat during meals. Not sure on what the headache today is about. I think it’s due to one of the rooms I was in this afternoon for a meeting at work being excessively hot, also due to stress at work, but I think dehydration and sinus issues are part of the problem. Even though it’s still extremely dry around here and hot outside ragweed is popping up all over the place and spreading it’s evil pollen everywhere. Damn you weeds! Damn you to hell…

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