day 66 – rest day

I’m taking a rest day today because I had a bad night last night… It was self inflicted since we had Mexican food last night for supper… All that high carb and gassy food really upset my stomach and lower back most of the night. It finally had to sleep with a pillow under my legs to get some pressure off of my back as I laid in bed, and even that didn’t help enough so at 1:30 am or so I went to the living room and laid with a back massager on my lower back for about a half an hour before I finally went back to bed, and then I still didn’t sleep very well and was up to go to the bathroom and stretch out my back a time or three… my stomach is definitely in no shape to do the cardio tape today. I was tempted to do the I-II tape instead of III-IV… I got through a few minutes of the stretches in III-IV cardio/abs and just decided I’m not in shape to do the cardio abs today today… there’s no way in hell I’m ready to do any sort of crunches in this condition and I’m sure my stomach won’t take the running and jumping jacks, so I’m just going to consider today a rest day and workout the rest of the week. I hate doing that since I really eventually want to get back to the rest days being on Sundays, but I need to listen to my body and it’s telling me it needs more rest right now. Got to start being more strict with the No S diet… No more sixteen dollar shits! I did avoid soda and snacking yesterday though, so I am starting in the right direction with that, (even if I did do a ‘seconds’ sort of if you count the nachos at Mexican place as seconds)…

I think part of me is subconsciously, or consciously afraid to do the cardio abs tape since I keep avoiding it… Maybe I should go back to to the I – II tape when I try again in a couple of days and do that for a week or two since that week off due to the stab wound probably has made my body not be at the level it needs to be at to do the III-IV tape on that. The III-IV circuit seems easier to me than the III-IV cardio/abs… I think your body has to be more ‘in shape’ to do the cardio because of all of the crunches and stuff — which is stuff you have to have muscles for. The circuit is still tough too, but it’s not as intense as all of those exercises in the ab ripper if you aren’t fully prepared for it. Kinda weird how that works since you’d think the it’d be the other way around since circuit is the tape that uses the weights.

Going to be tough to avoid coffee and soda on a day like today when I’m missing out on some sleep last night, but hopefully I can do it.

Another reason for the rest day today – Shin splints. These were really bothering me badly last night, and still are bothering me a little today if I hold my legs in certain positions. I’m hoping the pain goes away with a day of rest… I’m thinking the level I-II cardio abs may be the way to go at least for the rest of this week when doing the cardio so that I don’t overdo it.

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