Day 3 of the 1000 Day Challenge

Day 3 of the 1000 Day Challenge is now knocked out. Worked out this morning! Feeling great. I actually have both nostrils today, and neither is draining a ton like yesterday. Yesterday I felt horrible most of the day from the time I got up til I went to bed. I am hoping that whatever it was that got me yesterday does not come back to haunt me today.

I added a few more quotes to the Diet Quotes post from a few days back. I will probably add more over time there as I come across more stuff in various places on the internet or in quote books, etc.

I added tumeric to my regular ham sandwich today. I think doing that daily might help with some pain issues a little since that is suppossed to help reduce inflamation.

I’ve started wearing some jewelry my wife gave me a few years back on occassion more. It kind of goes with helping me explain to myself why I’m doing this 1000 day challenge – in order to live longer and have a happy, long life with her… and it also is sort of a little bit of en ego booster of types since it does help accentuate my looks a bit. Wearing a necklace now that she made by hand and also sometimes will wear the pocket watch that she had engraved… I got to be careful with that though since if it’s in my pocket I don’t want it to get smashed by steering wheel as I’m getting in and out of the car, etc. My leg comes close to the wheel sometimes when getting in and out of the car.

Pain is a temporary thing… that’s related to one of the diet quotes… lactic acid build up is what real after workout pain is… and if you keep on pushing through it it goes away. I think that’s part of the reason I feel so great this morning. Worked out and feel fantastic. Hoping this keeps up after every workout. I’m still doing the I-II tapes with Power 90 right now, but might move up to III-IV next week or the week after that. I think part of my problem with last time I moved up to III-IV is that I didn’t have full mastery of the I-II cardio abs. Cardio was no problem, but that ab ripper 200 was probably too much… This time I plan to ease in to it more so that I don’t burn out. Starting out the Level I-II tapes are fine. Eventually, when I do plan to move up to III-IV I might try doing 15 reps on ab ripper 200 for a week before moving up to the full 20 reps… I-II is only 10 reps for each of the ab ripper 100 moves, so 15 before the 20 seems like it might be a logical maneuver.

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