Day 4 of the 1000 day challenge…

Day 4 of the 1000 day challenge is now complete. Did a workout this morning a few minutes ago! 🙂

I wasn’t sure about doing this before the workout since this morning my calf had a really weird tightening cramp going on about 3 AM after my wife’s foot hit my leg while she was sleeping… calf cramp was extremely painful… but after reading some of the diet quotes about how exercise is good to combat pain as it moves the lactic acid, it made me go ahead and try it out today, and sure enough, I made it through the workout ok. That calf is a still a little sore now, but not as bad as it was before the workout.

Trying to combat this pain a little with some ginger and tumeric in the cereal this morning besides just the milled flaxseed that usually goes in there… Supposedly these spices help combat inflammation type of pain…

edit – WOW! Ginger in the cereals milk is fantastic tasting. Can’t taste the tumeric much, but that ginger really gives the cereal some really good flavor. Surprised no cereal producers have put this sort of spice on many of their products yet, lol.

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