P90X scam…

http://naturalbias.com/why-the-p90x-exercise-program-is-overrated/ – another interesting take on this stuff…
Read an interesting post over at the following forum today:

Even though it’s over a year old, I do have to sort of agree with him… The MLM side of Beach Body is pretty disgusting, and the informercials are too. I remember when I got my tapes, I bought the first one and thought all was well, then the next month, blamo a new hit on the credit card when the III-IV tapes came in… We cancelled after that, which is in part, part of the reason I never got back in to it til recently… I DO think the tapes are awesome, and definitely worth the investment, but do not think that the hype is all that great. It is a good system, but it’s not the only system, and there are lots of hidden costs if you buy in to it 3000%, like the pricy nutrition stuff, shakes, etc.

My wife and I have been bitten with MLM scams for many years. You name it and Tekla probably tried to sell it at one point in time (never sold the beachbody, but knew some folks that did)…

Thinking back to all of the stuff we got in to over the years… There was Nikken Magnets, Avon, Fruta Vida, Tupperware, One Sole, and a few others…

I’ll have to come back to this post later when I have a lot more time to go in to detail about ‘the evils’ and ‘pros’ of network marketing… or maybe it’ll get put in to a future post by itself…

but for now, just know companies want your money, even if they sell great products, and if there’s any MLM side to the business it likely is going to be overpriced since you are paying for middlemen salaries… as a result, I think if you do want to get in to Beach Body tapes and stuff, use credit or debit cards that are prepaid, or that have one time numbers for security so that you cannot be billed with recurring costs… that way you won’t get burned too badly… the real ‘problem’ with that sort of stuff is when you end up with recurring costs because of fine print when you are not really aware that the cost is recurring because the fine print was too darn fine or was hidden entirely through scammy trickery (something companies like Beachbody are definitely known for).

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