ok… No S might not work for me…

I was trying to do the No S diet, but am not sure if it’s going to work for me 100% of the way. I’ve been on the forums for that for a few days, and reading other’s experiences, etc. I was trying to stay strictly to the “no snacks, no sweets, no seconds” rules even though I wasn’t as strict with some of the modifications (mods) I was doing to it so far as it was not my ONE THING to focus on this month in the 1000 day challenge. In other words, we went out to eat twice this week. It’s been hard to not do that because Tekla gets home so late after commuting back and forth from St. Louis to go to classes. She’s been getting home after 8 PM some days, and by that time, if we don’t have a meal ready at home, we need to go out to eat to get something fast since we are both diabetic and have had many hours since lunch time when we last ate…

Last night when we were at Steak and Shake for dinner we were discussing this issue a little. (No, we did not have a shake, which was awesome because in the past we might have given in to that temptation) My sugar was 95 according to my meter before the meal. That may have actually been lower than that because a few months back I did a ‘study’ with the exercise science branch of the University in which I had to use another meter at the same time that I was using my own meter. That meter consistently read about 10 points above my meter… and it was supposedly calibrated since they were using it to study a lot of different people for various studies… so that 95 may have actually been 85… Before dinner last night I felt weak, had a headache… from temple to temple across my forehead felt like a ‘dried out sponge’… with a lot of holes in it… it was definitely a low sugar moment… I hate those. Honestly, since the time I became diabetic, I really start feeling that sort of way any time my sugar level is below 100 according to my meter. Supposedly, if you sugar drops to 83, you are in severe need of sugar immediately… If Tekla is experiencing this same sort of thing when she’s on I-70 coming home from school by herself, it’s a very life-threatening issue. There’s been at least one or two times she’s been in that sort of situation… and it scares the hell out of me… It also scares me about my own sugar too since she’s getting home so late, and I am home by myself til that point in time…. so if I passed out, no one would be here to call 911 or do anything about it until she gets home, which may be too late…

so we talked about this all a little, and we’ve decided that she’s going to start packing a lunch and dinner to school (she was just packing lunch up til now) and I’m going to have to start eating either a snack or a ‘dinner’ by myself here at the apartment by myself after work before she gets home so that we don’t risk this problem every day… I was trying to only eat when she got home, but it’s clear now that that just isn’t going to work for either of us, at least for now until her schedule changes to when she can be home earlier.

I’ve been trying to eat healthy when we do eat at home… typically something like a spinach salad with some fruit and meat in it and/or some mushrooms, etc. Not sure if I’ll eat full meals after work or go back to the snacking on stuff like crackers and cheese, sunflower seeds, sugar free cookies, or other fairly low-carb snacks like I used to do…

right now I’m still in a little bit of an intermediary stage since I’m gaining back my endurance on the daily workouts and am doing them once a day instead of twice a day. When I get back full swing in to doing them twice a day, I’ll probably need the extra earlier food/snack anyways to keep up strength in managing to do that. Supposedly your body is most willing to absorb carbs/protein one hour after a workout anyways, so I guess it makes sense to eat earlier… just kinda sucks that I won’t be able to eat dinner with my wife like I’ve been trying to do the last few days. 😦

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