Day 10 Evening…

Evening 10 of the 1000 day challenge – just completed Cardio abs I-II tape just now. It was hard to get moving at first since this dreary rainy day is having an impact on my mood a bit, but once I got in to it it was not that bad and by the time the tape was done I was feeling great. I do feel this doing the workouts after work is difficult sometimes but if I push through it, it’s usually not that bad, and actually massively helps my mood, self esteem, and outlook on the world in a positive way.

After work, I wrapped a big ‘clothesline’ rope I had in the trunk around the concrete block to make myself a little ‘ghetto bell’ — sort of the poor mans/redneck version of a kettle bell. I have no idea if I’ll use that thing too often, but might. I want to really nail down the two a day workouts and get through them with little/no pain before doing too much of that heavy lifting type of stuff or else I think I’ll overdo it and possibly burn out, which is definitely not something I’m wanting to do… I downloaded mp4 versions of all of the shovel glove moves the other day and finally put them in to plex last night so that I can watch them on the tv from time to time to practice. I probably won’t tonight, but might in a few days. I think doing some of that heavy swinging the pry bars and concrete block around will be something that will be good eventually, but I really don’t want to kill myself or overdo it or injure something by doing that stuff too often or too early… I have had a little taste of it, but need to build up some strength with the daily video workouts til I’m ready to move up to that as a regular part of my routine. Most of the shovel glovers, I think, use that as their primary exercise daily based on what I’ve read about it… I will probably be using it as a sort of secondary strength/power building part of my routine… a way to push myself a little harder… but right now since it’s hard enough to just push through pushing play every day I need to back off a little and not overdo it. I do feel strength gains after the other day swinging the brick around, but there’s no way I’m ready to do it everyday yet… I might eventually make it a once a week or every other day thing or something but it’ll take some time to build up to that. The rope handle probably is going to add a lot of weight to the brick since the cloth material likely will hold a lot of moisture since it’ll be in the trunk every day… I think it was most of a either a 50 or 100 foot of rope that was used. I just wrapped it around the brick creating a sort of handle up top, and then used some duct tape to sort of make the handle hold together. I think the handle may be too wide, but maybe not. I’ll have to adjust it if/when I get around to trying it again… The rope on the brick trick may leave it swaying too much and be dangerous, but I wrapped enough rope around the sides of the handle on both sides that I think it’ll help hold it in place enough that should not be too much of a problem. If it is, I’ll use more duct tape or find some more rope… I think I have some bungees I might have to use on it eventually… Back in college I remember hauling my huge portfolio around all over campus, and it was just a folio with small handles that I used a similar type of rope and tape contraption on (actually that wasn’t rope,… it was a book bag strap that I tied a rope on to), and it held up sturdy with huge amounts of oversized artists paper in it and most of my drawings from several years of school – and I walked all over campus with that, so I think this little contraption should work… I think biggest concern is that the brick may cut in to the rope over time, but hopefully it’s tied on tight enough that won’t be too big of an issue, and even if it is is, a little more duct tape can save the world, lol.

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