Day 15 evening — not so hot…

This afternoon I’m not working out. I started the Power 90 tape a few minutes ago and then had to stop it after a few stretches since Tekla needed some help in the kitchen. She’s home tonight. She’s decided to only work on the weekends for now til her school is over in a year. Up til now she was working weekends and on the days she was not going to class during the week too… big changes…

anyways, the reason I’m not working out is not that… it’s that I let myself have coffee today and overdid it with two 16 oz cups of coffee with sugar free hot chocolate mixed in there… The truth of the matter is I had coffee and/or diet sodas the last few days… which is bad. Over the weekend one night we stayed up til 12:30 and that really started it all off since the next morning I was tired and that caused me to crave caffeine a little… and then once that bad addiction started up it just snowballed… Coffee in the amounts I had today makes me have a massive headache that runs from temple to temple and also have a lot of sore muscles if I do workout since it tenses me up and winds me up very tightly… the muscles are tight… the heart rate is up… the ears feel weird which causes imbalance issues since the hairs on the inside of the ears tend to stand up due to all of the crazy caffeine side effects… I need to back off of the stuff… I like the roller coaster that it causes but really hate the coming down side to it… I also hate that it just makes me so damn irritable and anxious for way longer than it should…. but it’s hard to get off of it in the middle of the week like this since tomorrow I can almost guarantee I’ll be tired as heck in the morning like I was today…

Oh well, at least I got this morning’s workout in, and am still in the first 30 days of the 1000 day goal and the ‘real’ goal for this month is to do at least one workout a day, so I’m getting somewhere, and making big accomplishments even if it doesn’t feel like it… 😉 🙂

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