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Day 16 of the 1000 day challenge – Moira kicked my A$$

Decided to try something a little challenging this morning and did the Week 4 Interval training from the Efit 6 week boot camp cardio. Oh my God. Moira really hit me hard with this workout… Just when you think it’s about over, time for another round or two!… Burpees are not as tough as the suicides on the Fit for Duty podcast since there’s not a pushup in the middle, but there’s more endurance needed for this thing because there’s so many rounds of that and the other workouts in it, and very little time to rest in between, which is why it’s called interval training… I did have to pause it in the middle during the water break to actually have time to drink some water, lol. Sweated hard and had heart rate going very intensely in this little tough freebie online workout. Have fun.


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