Day 19 – Rest.

Today is a rest day, but I did do a few Kettle bell swings. I decided to lighten the load to one of the 7.5 lb weights for now since I’ll probably do more reps and focus on weight loss/learning correct form vs muscle gain for now. Also, spent a few hours this morning watching youtube videos and linking to some of them in the little Diet and Exercise Video section of this blog. I am starting to get a quite a few little links in there. Will add more over time. If I get a ton of them eventually I’ll probably try to organize it a little more so it’s a little easier to understand what’s what etc.

Tekla’s going to be starting an Eat to Live diet in a few days. The book just came in the mail yesterday… Seems like an interesting diet plan… have not had time to read all of it myself yet, but based on what she and I have talked about in the first few pages and various pages she’s jumped around to in it it seems a little like a vegan version of an Atkins diet sort of, with focus on veggies instead of meat. I’m not sure I can do that myself much since I need protein I think, and lean meat has the best form of that.

1 thought on “Day 19 – Rest.

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