day 22 – half rest

The bungees last night gave me a pretty hard workout, and then after last night’s workout I went ahead and did several medicine ball exercises. I love that thing. It’s so much like a little toy, but it’s heavy enough you get a workout with it.

We were up pretty late last night, and my back is a little sore today

so.. today is a half rest day and I slept in. I will do a workout tonight though. I think I need this morning as a rest to allow muscles time to repair/heal…

also, I think I might do half rest days the next few days til day 30 since after that I’m going to definite two a days as much as possible on the workouts… don’t want to burn out, so figure I’d better allow myself this little reprieve for the next few days so I don’t regret not giving myself this little rest before starting it up hard on day 30 with two a days every day… I am human.

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