P90X scam…

http://naturalbias.com/why-the-p90x-exercise-program-is-overrated/ – another interesting take on this stuff…
Read an interesting post over at the following forum today:

Even though it’s over a year old, I do have to sort of agree with him… The MLM side of Beach Body is pretty disgusting, and the informercials are too. I remember when I got my tapes, I bought the first one and thought all was well, then the next month, blamo a new hit on the credit card when the III-IV tapes came in… We cancelled after that, which is in part, part of the reason I never got back in to it til recently… I DO think the tapes are awesome, and definitely worth the investment, but do not think that the hype is all that great. It is a good system, but it’s not the only system, and there are lots of hidden costs if you buy in to it 3000%, like the pricy nutrition stuff, shakes, etc.

My wife and I have been bitten with MLM scams for many years. You name it and Tekla probably tried to sell it at one point in time (never sold the beachbody, but knew some folks that did)…

Thinking back to all of the stuff we got in to over the years… There was Nikken Magnets, Avon, Fruta Vida, Tupperware, One Sole, and a few others…

I’ll have to come back to this post later when I have a lot more time to go in to detail about ‘the evils’ and ‘pros’ of network marketing… or maybe it’ll get put in to a future post by itself…

but for now, just know companies want your money, even if they sell great products, and if there’s any MLM side to the business it likely is going to be overpriced since you are paying for middlemen salaries… as a result, I think if you do want to get in to Beach Body tapes and stuff, use credit or debit cards that are prepaid, or that have one time numbers for security so that you cannot be billed with recurring costs… that way you won’t get burned too badly… the real ‘problem’ with that sort of stuff is when you end up with recurring costs because of fine print when you are not really aware that the cost is recurring because the fine print was too darn fine or was hidden entirely through scammy trickery (something companies like Beachbody are definitely known for).

Day 4 of the 1000 day challenge…

Day 4 of the 1000 day challenge is now complete. Did a workout this morning a few minutes ago! ­čÖé

I wasn’t sure about doing this before the workout since this morning my calf had a really weird tightening cramp going on about 3 AM after my wife’s foot hit my leg while she was sleeping… calf cramp was extremely painful… but after reading some of the diet quotes about how exercise is good to combat pain as it moves the lactic acid, it made me go ahead and try it out today, and sure enough, I made it through the workout ok. That calf is a still a little sore now, but not as bad as it was before the workout.

Trying to combat this pain a little with some ginger and tumeric in the cereal this morning besides just the milled flaxseed that usually goes in there… Supposedly these spices help combat inflammation type of pain…

edit – WOW! Ginger in the cereals milk is fantastic tasting. Can’t taste the tumeric much, but that ginger really gives the cereal some really good flavor. Surprised no cereal producers have put this sort of spice on many of their products yet, lol.

Day 3 of the 1000 Day Challenge

Day 3 of the 1000 Day Challenge is now knocked out. Worked out this morning! Feeling great. I actually have both nostrils today, and neither is draining a ton like yesterday. Yesterday I felt horrible most of the day from the time I got up til I went to bed. I am hoping that whatever it was that got me yesterday does not come back to haunt me today.

I added a few more quotes to the Diet Quotes post from a few days back. I will probably add more over time there as I come across more stuff in various places on the internet or in quote books, etc.

I added tumeric to my regular ham sandwich today. I think doing that daily might help with some pain issues a little since that is suppossed to help reduce inflamation.

I’ve started wearing some jewelry my wife gave me a few years back on occassion more. It kind of goes with helping me explain to myself why I’m doing this 1000 day challenge – in order to live longer and have a happy, long life with her… and it also is sort of a little bit of en ego booster of types since it does help accentuate my looks a bit. Wearing a necklace now that she made by hand and also sometimes will wear the pocket watch that she had engraved… I got to be careful with that though since if it’s in my pocket I don’t want it to get smashed by steering wheel as I’m getting in and out of the car, etc. My leg comes close to the wheel sometimes when getting in and out of the car.

Pain is a temporary thing… that’s related to one of the diet quotes… lactic acid build up is what real after workout pain is… and if you keep on pushing through it it goes away. I think that’s part of the reason I feel so great this morning. Worked out and feel fantastic. Hoping this keeps up after every workout. I’m still doing the I-II tapes with Power 90 right now, but might move up to III-IV next week or the week after that. I think part of my problem with last time I moved up to III-IV is that I didn’t have full mastery of the I-II cardio abs. Cardio was no problem, but that ab ripper 200 was probably too much… This time I plan to ease in to it more so that I don’t burn out. Starting out the Level I-II tapes are fine. Eventually, when I do plan to move up to III-IV I might try doing 15 reps on ab ripper 200 for a week before moving up to the full 20 reps… I-II is only 10 reps for each of the ab ripper 100 moves, so 15 before the 20 seems like it might be a logical maneuver.


Feeling very drained the last two days… Allergy season is upon us, and it’s got me not being able to breathe very well, blowing nose every hour or two, and feel like I have a big headache and being really drained all day… I have avoided the snacks, seconds, and sweets, and did do the workout this morning and yesterday, and will try tomorrow. Sore muscles + hay fever is a bad combo.. Hopefully I can keep it up though at least til the ‘rest day’ this weekend…

Various Workout Videos, Workout Tips, and Workouts Online

I’ve been exploring the wide world of the internet from time the time the last few months, and have found quite a few nice online workout videos and diet advice in various locations such as youtube, podcasts, etc. I’m going to start a list here of some of the places to find these awesome resources…
Please note: I take ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSIBILITY for any of the content linked to below… I’m just linking to various videos and exercise links I’ve found online… I didn’t upload most of this stuff. If there’s some copyright violation or whatever, please don’t come knocking on my door with a court order or something like that. If you are a copyright owner and some of the stuff below is violating your rights, just leave a comment and I’ll try to delete the link as soon as I get a chance to read your comment.
nice calorie counter thingy – http://www.fitclick.com/calories_burned?At_Home_Training&oc=729&page=11

Here’s why I’m tempted to do the Bodyrock videos as ‘the morning’ workouts…




Here’s an awesome tip… Use Google Video search!
Do a search for something in Google’s video search like a keyword for workout, or cardio, interval, etc. and then in the left column pick the option for results that are 20+ minutes in length. Blamo, you just found yourself a bunch of 20+ minute workout videos! ­čÖé ­čśë

Ryan Magin’s Youtube channel – He explores how various actors workout.
http://www.youtube.com/user/RyanMagindotcom?feature=watch (warning – he’s trying to sell you something)
nice long workouts here for medicine ball, etc:

Walking 1-2-3 miles:

Sword Workout – finally something I might be able to use to workout the crowbars besides the shovelglove stuff.

AR 7 – http://www.ar7now.com/

AR 7 – ‘Conan’ workout – http://blog.onthebox.com/2011/11/08/the-conan-workout-challenge-part-1/

Fitness Blender on Youtube

Some nice little tools/plugins/Hardware to help with your home theater system (i.e. getting videos like the ones listed in this post to play on your tv or other type of monitor, etc.)

Streaming video needs a way to get to it’s end location (tv, hdmi monitor, etc.). Some hd tvs have hdmi ports that can just send video directly to a digital tv, using the tv as a second monitor…

For older tvs, some little gizmo is handy… For xbox and stuff like that xmbc might be the solution…

Some smart tvs now can do some video streaming… but some content providers block that when they can, so results can very depending on the hardware/software and what you are trying to stream.

For those on a little more of a budget or that are not in to gaming, streaming devices like the Roku or WD TV Live are fantastic. Take the time to evaluate and think about things before you decide to pick one streamer over another… they are very different beasts… for example The Roku 1 has good ol component out ports for audio/video to go to tvs whereas Apple TV doesn’t seem to have that, nor does later versions of the Roku… as with all gizmos and gadgets, you have to juggle what features you want vs what features will work with the gizmos and gadgets you already own since some things may not be compatible… and some folks try to scam the masses that are not aware of this sort of thing too much (like folks selling junk on ebay to convert hdmi signals in to component signals for regular old school tv ports without letting the buyer know that that won’t work without some other little gizmo that has to be purchased separately, etc.. buyer beware!)

Sometimes computers are needed as ‘middlemen’ of sorts to get some streams to tvs, etc. For this, great software like Plex and Playon Exists among many other various software packages, some of which is free, some of which is not so free…
another little tip… if you find a video somewhere online that you can’t download for whatever reason, but you want to download, use a screen scraper that will record what’s on your monitor. The best/easiest one I’ve found for this sort of thing is bandicam. The free version lets you record 10 minutes at a time and it puts a little watermark on it… If you don’t mind the watermark that shouldn’t be a big deal. The free version of fraps doesn’t let you record 10 minutes at a time, even though some say fraps is better for this sort of thing, especially for recording online gaming, etc. What I like about bandicam vs fraps is bandicam makes it just a little easier to record areas on screen with a little box, or record one window… fraps it’s more hard to record one window or one area… there’s a few other screen scrapers out there like these two tools, but these two are probably the best ones…
as far as with bandicam, etc. goes… it records avi files… if you do need videos more than 30 minutes there are ways to put several avi files in to one video file. Easiest way to do that is with a little command line thing:

What is the best way to join multiple DVD VOB files? Using the Windows copy command: Because the VOBs are simply split files created from previously contiguous larger file, you can reconstruct the larger file using the window copy command. To do this:
a) Open a cmd window using the Windows run command.
b) cd to the folder containing your VOB files.
c) At the command line, enter a command similar to:
copy /b vob1.vob + vob2.vob + vob3.vob outputFile.mpg

This will concatenate multiple VOB files into one output file. Note: Please don’t forget the /b switch.

Avidemux works too… but not as well… it can rip up the area between the two avis or mp4s that are joined making screen unseeable as it’s all pixelated to hell.

Virtual dub is ok too…
if it’s just avi files, windows movie maker or some cheap software like Magix Video Music maker work too.


http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-33199_7-57463254-221/apple-tv-vs-roku-vs-nexus-q-media-streamers-compared/ – little article comparing a few different streaming hardware options

http://www.youtube.com/user/GoldsGymChannel?feature=watch – Gold’s Gym Youtube channel
Vivace Workouts:

Use Bungee Cord as an exercise band?
http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=UU9y3tBw5WSsfnnvDjd431Dg = Olympus Training Fitness courses on youtube
http://www.youtube.com/user/KozakSportsPerform/videos?view=0 – HasFit Video Channel on Youtube.
Real Hollywood Trainer

http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/fitness_articles.asp?id=1222 — nice info on Kettle bells.
http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/2011/01/08/kettlebell-swing/ – more info on kettle bells
Nice little video on starting kettle bells:

Some of the lifts near the end are very similar to what I’ve been doing with the dumb bells in the Power 90 videos
http://www.youtube.com/user/joshone?feature=watch – Sincere John’s Youtube Video Channel
http://www.livestrong.com/article/332093-cinder-block-exercises/ – Cinder Block Workout

http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=120677201&page=1 – Another Cinder Block workout
http://thetumblrgym.com/workout – nice little list of workout and diet videos on youtube (won’t mention most here since most are 3 minutes or shorter – great for info, but not so great for being your ‘online workout’)
http://www.youtube.com/user/MensHealthMag?feature=watch – Men’s Health Videos on Youtube
Adrienne White mentions in some of her youtube videos (see link below) that her cardio workouts have 150 beats per minute, and some other workout and fitness folks have similar type of suggestions… so how do you find out how many beats per minute a song is? There’s various ways, but one website that used to rock for this was djbpmstudio.com, however, it went offline quite a while back and nothing has replaced it with the amount of stuff it had listed in my humble opinion… BUT, we are still in luck because there’s an archive of it in the internet archive’s way back machine! ­čÖé


http://www.youtube.com/user/amkjwhite?feature=watch – Adrienne White Youtube Channel
Efit Youtube Channel

E Fit 6 Week Bootcamp


Dumbbell shovel

Body Rock 30 Day challenge
Crossfit Exercises – http://www.crossfit.com/cf-info/excercise.html
Interesting article on ‘chronic cardio’ over at http://strengthrunning.com/2012/06/debunking-chronic-cardio/

There’s also a few blogs and forums I’ve read about it lately… interesting idea… the idea is that if you overwork, you will get hurt… seems logical. Makes me think maybe my wanting to do workouts twice a day is a mistake?… Not sure on what is the most appropriate stance on that issue yet since working out this intensely is still a fairly new way of life for me.

http://www.youtube.com/user/sixpackshortcuts?feature=watch – Six Pack Shortcuts youtube channel

http://www.youtube.com/user/befit?feature=results_main = Be Fit Channel on Youtube has quite a few free workout videos, some even from the popular folks like Jane Fonda, Jillin Micheals, etc. Very nice treasure trove there.

http://www.bodyrock.tv/ – Body Rock TV has a lot of great workouts on youtube. There’s multiple contributors to it, so various multiple channels on youtube… that’s why I’m linking to the main website… You’ll have to explore a bit yourself if you want subscriptions to all the youtube channels related to this.

http://www.youtube.com/user/FreeYogaVideos?feature=watch – Learn Yoga on youtube!

http://www.youtube.com/user/yogatoday – Learn even more yoga over there!

Shovel Glove Moves – http://www.youtube.com/user/everydaysystems?feature=watch

More Shovel Glove Moves including the ‘samuari’


Also, if you have a roku or some other way of playing video from internet on tv, both All Fitness TV channel, and Live Exercise seem pretty interesting as well as a few podcasts like Yoga Today, Hillary’s Yoga Practice Podcast, Yoga with Les, and Fit for Duty.
Fit For Duty on Youtube… (if you have problems finding it in itune podcasts)


now for something a little bit different…
Here’s a video about why exercise is bad for you…

If like me, you find the ‘live exercise’ channel on roku to not work well, you might try getting their videos via youtube…
A few interesting videos

Zuzana’s Zwow workouts

Zumba Nation:

I’m sure there’s many more out there on the internet. Will update the list with more eventually. Have fun. Happy exercising! ­čÖé

Day 1 of the 1000 Day Challenge is done!

The morning workout for today has been completed. I went back down to the Level I-II Power 90 tape. These taking it easy days the last few days have made me very weak. I was struggling to just get through this tape. I was sweating like crazy and not having been getting up this early, really kind of just wanted to give up and go back to bed, but I did not, and will not give in to that sort of nagging negative thought. I got through this and will continue. Only 999 days more to go to get to the end of this challenge! ­čÖé ­čśë

I have a 48 oz glass of water that I squeezed some fresh lemon in to. Refilled the water on it a little after the workout since workout killed off half of it. Now I’m in the process of eating a bowl of cereal with two teaspoons of flaxseed. I also had 3 thinly sliced pieces of ham so that I have some protein this morning. I’m still not loving the taste of the flaxseed, but it’s tolerable. I don’t know if I should keep up with that since I’m adding the ham as the fiber may counteract the protein.. the purpose of the protein is to keep the carbs in the body a little longer and use that to hold the carb’s energy til the body really needs it since otherwise the body will ‘eat itself’ sort of and drain protein from the muscles of the body in order to mix with the carbs to make the energy needed. That fiber in the flax seed may counteract the meat somewhat? Not sure on that since I’m not a dietitian. If you are, maybe you can help answer that question in the comments?…

I will try to do the No S diet but am not focusing on it or tracking it yet… that will happen in the second or third month. Probably third since I want to focus on morning workouts in first month, adding evening workouts to the morning workouts the second month, and then do the no S as ‘the main goal’ for the third of the 30 day challenges… snowballing it all so keeping up with the exercise as I focus on that. I will hopefully have the no S diet as an automatic daily habit by then since I’m sort of trying it out now, but if I fail before the third month it won’t be a biggie since goal here is to work and focus on one area at a time so I don’t overburden myself, which could lead to failure, negative thoughts and then showball the failures, which would be a bad thing, a very bad thing. I’ve let that happen way too often in the past — no more!

Restarting the workouts – Day Zero

Today is Day Zero of the 1000 day challenge. Tomorrow morning I will restart the Power 90 Level I-II dvd workout. I will probably do the level I-II tapes for at least a week or a few days before moving up to III-IV again. I might have to do a full 30 days of them… only time will tell. Either way, I plan to do either a Power 90 or some similar type of workout EVERY morning for 1000 days, except once a week — and even then, the once a week thing may just get ignored and I might just do workout every day.

The stab wound kept me from working out for a week and then I just sort of let my diet go to hell the last few days after that since I knew I would be starting this 1000 day thing… I found it difficult to re-start the workouts, especially at the level I was before the one week forced down time… so now like Phoenix, I am rising again and I will succeed!

It will be tough but I can do it and will do it! My main goal, if it is possible, is to get to my ‘goal BMI’ weight by the end of the 1000 days… which should, for my height be somewhere around 140-177 lbs or so since I’m roughly 6′ tall, give or take an inch or two….

I just did a weigh in and am currently 292.6. That is a sad weight gain of many lbs, but at least I did not gain back all of the weight that I had before I started the Power 90 completely (I was over 296 lbs before that), just a lot of it (about 7.6 lbs gained in two weeks or so, give or take)..

so, therefore, the goal is to basically lose anywhere from 115.6 – 152.6 lbs over the course of the next 1000 days. 1000/7 = 142.857 so I basically need to lose about a lb a week or more to get to my goals.

I think that’s very doable. Actually, I know that I can exceed that since I’ve done it before, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to exceed it every week since I’m sure I’ll hit a plateau eventually in some way… I think, NO, I KNOW I can do this, and I WILL DO IT. I will have other goals as I go along, but the first month is to do a morning workout every day, except on Sundays if possible… may even do a workout then too, but probably not. I will also probably do more too. I want to start doing a workout in the morning and one in the evening, and do the No S diet all the while because I think that will be more sustainable then some crazy diet scheme that many yo-yo dieters use. I don’t know if I’ll list everything in as much detail as in the past since I may use variety of exercise plans as the Power 90 may get old now and then. I have a weighted vest, so may just take that for a walk or jog some days… Found tons of exercise videos online through roku and youtube, so may try yoga somedays, etc. The main thing is there has to be some exercise and diet I consistently follow to get to my weight loss goals. I will add in art goals now and then some months, and continue those as I have set myself up for at least 32 ‘goals’ and the morning workout, evening workout, and no s diet are at least 3 of those monthly goals. I may not always do all three starting out, but by the third month plan to strictly adhere to all three and add various other things along the way… This is going to be extremely challenging, but not impossible, and very doable, so I think I can, I must, and I WILL! I have decided. Now it’s time to commit, and then succeed!!!! ­čÖé

Day Zero of the 1000 day challenge: