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day 57 – restful morning.

Resting this morning… strain from last nights heavy duty workout + sinus issues + somewhat dehydration early in the morning has come to kick my ass today.

I don’t think I’ll try the 20 lbs on the Power 90 again, at least for a very long while.  Need to build up to that. I don’t need to give myself a hernia… (I hope I haven’t done that already)


56th day…

56th day of the 1000 day challenge.  This morning I didn’t work out 😦

However, I made up for it tonight a little.  I did the Power 90 Level III-IV Circuit/Sculpt tape tonight just a few minutes ago, and I used 20 pound weights on half of the exercises!  

This is the first time I’ve tried to use 20 lb weights. Up til now I was only using 10 lb weights as max on this workout.  I probably will feel this in the morning, but maybe not.  When I switched to the 10 lb weights on some of the more tough exercises it was like lifting paper, lol.  I will probably stick with this strategy going forward.

I also upped the weights on the kettlebell to 30 lbs tonight.  I have not tried any swinging with it but probably will in the near future.

The reason I was able to up the weights tonight is that a few days backmom and dad found some more of the old weights in the garage or basement from many years ago… so I had them in my trunk the last few days til today…  It’s still not the best set in the world… Had to use some duct tape on a few of them where age was starting to break down the plastic around the edges, but it’s all good.  I wish I had 4 of the ten lb weights to do the curls and stuff, but I made do with a couple of 5 lbs on one side and a 10 lb on the other to balance it out.  It looks a little odd, but it works.  I do have a couple of 8.5 lb weights I could use for curls, but no matching set for them so I could have one in each arm… would be sort of weird and unbalanced doing 17 lbs in one arm and 20 in the other… so I’ll stick with the two 10 lbs on one arm and a 10 lb + 2 of the 5lbs on the other arm.

day 55…

Day 55 – Just a little workout this morning… so far 20 kettlebell swings + 20 passarounds on both arms with the kettlebell.  Dropped it on accident near the end.  Drinking coffee today and having a little more of the candy that we got the other day to hand out if it lasts that long, so heart rate is a little high.  I probably will do more kettlebells every now and then today.

So far, Tekla has not started the Power 90.  I was going to restart it with her to walk her through it, but so far she’s not been feeling too well the last couple of days.  I think my weight loss through exercise will stop being so fast when we are doing that til she’s up to the iii-iv level… but that’s ok because we’ll be doing this journey together, so the chances of success will increase a lot for both of us.


this evening did another little round with kettle bell.  Tekla’s decided to wait to start the Power 90 later this week…

Ate pretty bad today… more darn candy… urgh.  Why did I buy that the other day when I went to the store to get Tekla some sprite?

Day 54 – rest/lazy day…

Today is a rest day… Last night was kind of too. Tekla is still not feeling too well so we didn’t start the Power 90 with her and I doing it together yet.  It’s probably a good thing though since the landlord shut off the water to the building yesterday afternoon without telling us about it before hand since there was some sort of maintenance issue they are going to work on later today… I really wish they’d tell us ahead of time when they do this kind of crap.  We could have ended up working out and having no ability to take a shower afterwards, which would have been a very bad situation…

DAY 53

I missed work0uts yesterday.  We originally were planning on having Tekla start the Power 90 Tape I-II yesterday, but that didn’t happen since she was not feeling too well… I should have worked out but did not yesterday…

Tonight, the plan is to start on that, and I’ll go with her through that process, so my intensity on the nightly workouts is going to go backwards as I’m going back to I-II level instead of sticking with III-IV… but that’s ok since I can still workout in the morning after she’s left for school or work.  Also, It probably is a good idea for me to do that so as to get the moves right since some like the lunge run was not quite right so was causing too much pain.  Those shouldn’t cause so much leg pain that it keeps me from doing the bunny hops and / or jumping jacks…


This morning’s workout:

I did eight minutes and 31 seconds of Zuzana’s Zwow #9.  I did pause a little longer than she did for the water break between round one and two.  I feel bad that I didn’t make it all the way through but this is tough High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) type stuff, something my body is definitely not used to yet.  Over time I will get more used to it though.  I’ll probably experiment and try various online workouts like this in the mornings for variety.  I originally was planning on doing a more restrictive set of workouts that are more close to an hour long in the mornings, but I just don’t have time for that… We’ll save that sort of stuff for the evenings.  Since Tekla and I will workout together now, we’ll need variety on occasion so that sort of stuff can work for the nights.  Short bursts of powerful HIIT training like bodyrock and some other online tapes can work for mornings for now.

day 51

This morning I did 17 minutes of an hour long workout tape. I talked it over with Tekla a little and am thinking about possibly stopping these sort of workouts in the mornings since I just don’t seem to have enough time to do them in the morning before work, and even if I do, I think I might start be getting some level of burnout which is why there’s been a missed workout or two this week and last week.

I do like the extra calorie burn from working out twice a day, but if I’m not getting enough recovery time, it’s not going to work since the workouts will just break me down instead of building me up.

I will keep with the longer workouts in the evening… However, I might go backwards a step or three with the evening workouts since Tekla might be joining me, and she’s not ready for the III-IV tapes yet on Power 90 if we decide to workout together with that… so it’d be back to I-II or something similar.

We might use some other form of exercise other than videos… may be long walks… maybe some other workout videos, etc. Not sure yet. There’s a bunch of opportunities to try a lot of different things.

If I stick with doing the morning workouts, I’ll probably go down to shorter more energetic ones like the 12 minute bodyrock videos. Those are really high intensity so they are still great workouts. However, I didn’t think I was at the level to do them, but just like with the Power 90 if I just do it a few times, I’ll get more used to it so it will get easier over time…

Hell, I may even stop blogging about this stuff, but on the other hand, the blogging is helping me stay focused, so I probably will keep with it for now.

day 50…

It’s day 50… I did half of an hour long cardio tape this morning. I’m really finding it difficult to stick to it since sinus/allergy issues are hitting me along with barometric changes in the weather, etc. I think it’s partly a seasonal thing, partly a hay fever thing, and is partly a caffeine addiction thing coming to rear its ugly head with all of its side effects since I’ve been drinking diet sodas and coffee again regularly… got to stop doing that. All that stuff just makes me feel lousy, and causes inflammation and breaks me down artificially due to chemical changes, etc.

I CAN do this. I must do this, and I WILL DO THIS… no damn excuses…

decide… commit… succeed…

That commit part is where I am… got to keep up the fight!