2nd evening of the two days — Evening of the 31st day of the 1000 day challenge

Tonight’s workout is now complete. I did the Cardio Abs III-IV tape. It was tough. My sugar was 101 after I got home tonight… my sugar levels seem to be getting more stable since I’m working out more. I worry that the two a day workouts like this might not be giving me enough rest and recovery time for my body, but so far the workouts have not been too painful. I suspect that as long as I focus on only cardio in the morning and do circuits or cardio type workouts at nights it shouldn’t be that bad. It’s going to be interesting seeing what future weigh ins look like since I’m doing these two a days now.

Oh, and at work, it’s three days in a row of writing at lunch… but it is still tough to work it in… I might get about a half page or page of free-thought writing done… It’s not the three pages a day the Artist’s way calls for, but it’s a start. I might try to work in some in evenings too eventually… for now I just want to stay with this level and this level of workouts for this month’s focus… one thing good habbit to develop at time… got to stay focused and keeping it simple since doing more will just jumble things up and screw up the progress.

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