resting today…

It’s Friday, but I’m going to probably use today as a rest day because I was up a lot later than we should have been last night. We went out last night to celebrate Tekla’s passing the final in her technique class with final test score that was actually over 100% due to a couple of bonus questions!… We ended up having to go all over town to find a place to eat since the first try or two the places were super crowded…. that’s what you get during football season in a college town in the SEC I guess, lol.

We finally settled on the Pasta Factory, and that was nice, but diet soda and pasta that late at night was a lot of carbs and caffeine too late in the night… so I got to bed a lot later than I should have… so got up later than normal this morning with a slightly sore neck/upper back.

I’m not sure if I’ll use one of the weekend days tomorrow or Sunday as a rest day too or not, but right now I think I’ll probably try to aim to workout once a day on both of those days since today will be a rest day… and then next week is a new week, so I can try to aim to get back to normal rest day on the weekends then.

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