day 51

This morning I did 17 minutes of an hour long workout tape. I talked it over with Tekla a little and am thinking about possibly stopping these sort of workouts in the mornings since I just don’t seem to have enough time to do them in the morning before work, and even if I do, I think I might start be getting some level of burnout which is why there’s been a missed workout or two this week and last week.

I do like the extra calorie burn from working out twice a day, but if I’m not getting enough recovery time, it’s not going to work since the workouts will just break me down instead of building me up.

I will keep with the longer workouts in the evening… However, I might go backwards a step or three with the evening workouts since Tekla might be joining me, and she’s not ready for the III-IV tapes yet on Power 90 if we decide to workout together with that… so it’d be back to I-II or something similar.

We might use some other form of exercise other than videos… may be long walks… maybe some other workout videos, etc. Not sure yet. There’s a bunch of opportunities to try a lot of different things.

If I stick with doing the morning workouts, I’ll probably go down to shorter more energetic ones like the 12 minute bodyrock videos. Those are really high intensity so they are still great workouts. However, I didn’t think I was at the level to do them, but just like with the Power 90 if I just do it a few times, I’ll get more used to it so it will get easier over time…

Hell, I may even stop blogging about this stuff, but on the other hand, the blogging is helping me stay focused, so I probably will keep with it for now.

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