5th day after the accident

5th day after the stairwell accident/incident. I guess today’s the first time I posted about it here?… One of the muscles in my calf tightened up coming down a stairwell last Tuesday. It caused me much pain and my Department’s Assistant Manager took me to the urgent care right after it happened. Since it was technically during a lunch break they are not considering it work comp. However, I have had the last few days off of work with sick time.

Finally started getting off of the crutches yesterday. I see a doctor for follow up Tuesday Night. There is still some pain in the leg, but I got on it to walk a little yesterday and has my amazing massage therapist help it a little with a deep tissue massage. Still a little sore today, but the soreness is more dull and achy rather than sharp unnerving pain like it was the first few days. On the first day I could put no weight on it. On the third day I was able to put about 25% weight on it. Yesterday I was walking without the crutches a little. It still was sore yesterday if I had too long of a stride. If the left foot goes too far back the calf hurts like hell and starts spasms a little. Stretching and massage for the next few days I think. I will likely not use too many stairwells and will stick to elevators for at least a week.

My mind asks me why these things keep happening to me every time I’m ready to go gung ho on exercise. I’m wondering if it’s some sort of curse from the anti-exercise gods or something… First there was the knife stab about last September… then the hernia in December or so… Now this in late February. Whatever it is, I will persevere! No major exercise for at least another week or two probably, but I will keep at it, slowly recovering. All of these battle scars just make me want to get healthier, so maybe they are good things ultimately. I will persevere! I will persevere!…

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