Portfolio Site sneak peak

Working on redesigning the portfolio site

Above image is a sneak peak of what I’ve got so far… Basically just a rehaul of the nav bars so far. Also, there’s that nice little transparent gif with my name on it that I created many, many years ago as a jpg file but never took the time to make in to a gif til this weekend.

Slowly working more stuff in content wise too.

I originally created this blog to sort of be a place holder to help me sort things out on designing something like this site and find the ‘best of the best’ artwork, etc. However, I’ve decided I’m probably going to put most of the stuff that’s in this blog over there and then some more too for a few reasons… First, cwahi.net lets me have unlimited free space… I know, I know, I should be picky, and I will be for the main pages… but I’ll have some back pages that lead to archives with other stuff that’s not official ‘portfolio quality’, etc. Designing the page is going to take a while since I’m having to sort of relearn some old html and javascript tricks as well as teach myself new stuff. Back when I originally learned html, HTML4 was new and so was css and javascript… Nowadays I need to learn bits of HTML5 and some of the newer stuff about css.

Back then when I originally had a site on crosswinds the ad free cwahi didn’t really exist yet… I’m hoping this free site place can hold my spot til I can figure out exactly how much bandwidth, space, etc. I really will need/use for the mega site I’m wanting to build before I start looking in to getting a real paid monthly fee domain name and all of that… I started this type of stuff way back in 2002, but stopped after the complexity of it was too much for me back then and life went on. Now it’s back to figuring it all out, getting good design, and ideas together, and doing all of that again, but better than ever. Goal is to try to get this new design ‘live’ by end of this year or next year… building it all locally FIRST before going live online… Actually learning a thing or three about running servers as I go along, etc. Lots of big plans and lots to learn.

I’ll probably aim for about 10-20 main portfolio type works as max on each section… then lead in to the archives further in… The art for sale link will be a listing with an iframe that has a massive list of my works all over the internet. I probably will rebrand/redo some of what is already out there so it makes more sense and is more logically something someone would want to buy instead of a lot of stuff randomly put together like that cafepress cd that’s been online for years, etc.

Fun’s just starting. Much more to come!


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