Professor X where are you?

The MU Art and Archaeology Museum is moving to the old Ellis Fischel Cancer Center because there is radiation in the building…

My father used to joke that he played around in radioactive sludge as a kid and that made all of us kids mutants. He would say this jokingly because of various odd physical things… I personally had 2 extra set of wisdom teeth behind the normal amount that most people had. My sister’s knuckle on one finger is missing, etc.

On Facebook a few days back I jokingly said that the allergy drops that I take daily are sort of like the super serum used by Captain America to alter my dna, etc.

This whole radiation thing really makes me wonder if there isn’t some truth to my dad’s jokes… Growing up dad used to live near Peace Park in Columbia Missouri… and as a kid he said that he used to play around in the sewer tunnels around the University, etc.

Dad actually was a janitor at the University Hospital back then for a few years at one point in time in the 1970s. If there really was radioactive waste in the area, it’s highly possible it did have some effect on us.

Wonder if I shouldn’t start a class action lawsuit against the University? Any other mutants out there in similar situations? Maybe we should start talking and get together with a lawyer or something?