starting to chart sugar as well as weight…

I still have a ways to go, but by plotting this stuff out more, and keeping better track with a very detailed exercise and diet log that I’ve recently started making way more detailed than in the past, I’ll get there eventually! 🙂 Recently obtained a new position at work that has a few more duties than the previous job, so I haven’t been sticking to the diet as closely as I should have the last week or two, but going forward plan to start doing much better.

Planning on following NO S diet in this process a lot closer… (actually charting out each S for each meal of the day and writing down in the log what was eaten when, etc. ).

As for exercise, planning on walking the kid in a stroller in mornings and/or maybe doing some other cardio inside when that’s not possible. For evenings, I plan on doing some kettlebell workouts as well as the various video workouts I’ve been trying to do for a long time, but keep straying from slightly from time to time, only cutting out that straying and staying the course this time round. (I know that the sugar looks high in these, and it is, but it was mainly there due to eating badly the last couple of weeks with overcarbing and occasionally having candy/ice cream due to a pre-Halloween stash that is now gone and a couple of Nieces’ birthdays that were recently celebrated… now that I’m going to watch things more closely that should fix up pretty quickly. I’m hoping that I can break the ‘typical Holiday’s overeating’ thing here at the end of the year by starting all of this up heavy handed now instead if waiting a month or whatever as I’ve messed up on in some previous years)

I see a Doctor next week for the first time in over a year, so hopefully they’ll have some helpful advice too?…

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