Per the advice of my allergy doctor, I’m starting to head in to the paleo diet lifestyle.  I have messed it up these last few days… I ate peanuts one day before realizing they are considered to not be on the diet as they are a legume, and ate massively badly last night at work since they had free ice cream for employee appreciation…  I think I’m going to combine the Paleo Approach with the No S diet going fowards… Those two diets seem to go hand in hand…  I’m also going to try to exercise a bit daily.

I was doing the daily walking tapes for a while, but with my schedule at work that’s a bit difficult from time to time… (Lately it seems I’m getting off work somewhere between 1:30 – 3:30 am, depending on how busy we are at the buffet and if there are any banquets going on that causes us to have to stay longer… makes for 9-11 hour days at work at least 2-4 times a week lately…), especially now since I’m getting ready to start an EMR training course in a few days.

The only thing that really scares me is that I’ll probably be doing something like a fruit + veggie + some sort of protein at most every meal and I’m not sure one piece of fruit is going to be enough carbs to keep my sugar levels where the diabetic doctors say they should be?…  If I remember correctly diabetic docs say to keep around 40-50 carbs per meal for men my age, etc.  One banana is around 30-35 carbs according to a chart I read somewhere… and an orange is around the same I believe.  Certain veggies should make up the extra 10 carbs, but most of them probably won’t… The protein at each meal should help a little though since fat from meat protein causes a bit of an increase in insulin resistance based on what I’ve read and been told… so the meat causes the carbs to not be burned immediately as the carbs mix with the meat type protein to make them long lasting sugar burners instead of fast burners… Kinda like the difference between burning firewood that will keep your camp fire going all night long vs burning a dried out cedar tree that was previously used as a christmas tree that goes up in a huge explosive flame in a few seconds and then is done since it’s all burned up super fast…

The two Paleo books I’ve been studying so far are:


The Paleo Approach is probably the best, most comprehensive book on Paleo that exists on the face of the earth. It’s by the Paleomom. The for dummies book is a quick reference guide. I probably didn’t need to get the for dummies book since the Paleo Approach is an extremely comprehensive book with lots of detailed charts and lists. However, I’m glad I got both of the books to study for now since it’s good to get differing opinions on certain subjects and learn tips that one author points out that the other neglected to mention or did not think to mention. As I continue this lifestyle, my Paleo library may expand in the coming years…

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