well… it’s getting cooler out…

Well, dang, I’ve let myself go on the overeating and not exercising bit again… Stress is probably one of the biggest factors in that, or at least that’s the excuse I’m making for it even if it isn’t necessarily true.  I bought a scale yesterday and am going to start using it more often as it doesn’t require batteries that are never charged like the wii’s balance board does… so I’m going to try to hopefully use it more often and start paying more attention to what the numbers are telling me on there… I am still charting my weight on the excel files.

I’ve started walking to work on occasion but it’s getting cooler out so not sure I’ll do that all of the time. I want to and need to though since that forces me to walk about a mile a day (measured it at .4 miles to the bridge at work from home in the car, so I figure it’s about .5 miles after you cross bridge, go around the hotel, and upstairs to the locker… which works out to a mile if I do it both ways)…

I’m also going to try to do this paleo diet thing more seriously, but it’s a difficult thing to do… especially right this second as I’m craving that ice cream in the fridge and wanting to throw some bananas on top of em… might give in to that craving later today, but then give up that bs type of overeating after that… 😦 🙂 😉

I am going to try to get more strict about working out after work… I keep trying to figure out if it’s better to workout after I get up before work, or after I get home from work since working out I sweat a lot, so shower is mandated afterwards, and that leads to me being a little more awake after it, making it hard to go back to sleep immediately after the shower… I like the idea of doing it after work since it means I’m taking a shower before going to bed… (something I didn’t have a choice of in my old job since I used to work in the dish pit, so always came home covered in gravy, cheese, and the smell of nasty stuff like crablegs, etc. I DO have a choice now since my current job keeps me clean most of the time, even if I do have a small smell of smoke on me since folks smoke in the casino and my bosses like to smoke out where we have our pre-shift meetings…but the smoke smell is nothing like the smells from the old job, lol)….

Part of me wants to work out twice a day… but that doesn’t allow for a lot of recovery, and would probably require two showers a day, which drys my already dry skin out more (my skin doesn’t usually get too dry til winter months, then it’s very bad).  ….. so I guess I’ll just work out mainly after getting home from work…

I have a ton of various workout videos I downloaded from youtube and other places online over the years, and I also have a kettlebell, a chin up bar, and a variety of other stuff, so I have the tools to workout, just got to make the time to do it….  and it is important that I do it since I need to be in shape to keep up with my daughter, who is growing bigger every day and getting in to everything… she’s a little daredevil climbing all over the furniture, running all over the house… wanting to be outside all of the time… I got to keep up my allergy shots so that someday I’ll be able to stay outside with her more than 20 minutes as right now if I’m out there more than 10 or so minutes my allergies start giving me a lot of problems… Hopefully the paleo diet change will help with that over time too…

I want to and need to be more positive and work towards my goals. It’s more than just me that I need to take care of.

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