Changing Priorites…

I’ve added my List of Artist’s blog over at to one of my start pages in my browser, and plan to start adding more to it daily. There’s only a handful of posts there from a long time back when I started that blog with good intentions to work on it daily, but lost focus on it a few days after making it. Since I’ve dropped doing the EMR portion of my job at work to lower stress, and want to focus on health and positive things and getting inspired to do great things in my life going forward, I’m going to try to add more to that blog daily.  I plan to add a post a day there, or maybe more.  Due to copyrights and things, I’m not sure I’ll add a lot of images there since I don’t really want to get sued any time soon, but will try to do a variety of links to places you can find images.  Over time I’m hoping this will help me grow as an artist and give those in the community looking for artistic resources a place to find some interesting stuff.

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