10.9.2015 Starting to plot more often and pay attention.


Red line is goal. Blue Line is actual weigh ins.  Red Line is close to goal for 5 years. May change end date on red line to 5 years from now to get more accurate and realistic as it’s currently showing 2/9/2019, which would have been 5 years from 2/9/2014.

I can and will get below the red line, and get to goal target bmi. I now have the ability and will work towards the goal daily.

It’s been hit and miss in the past. Refocus, and work at it daily today and going forward.  Going to try my best to log this type of stuff daily.

Daily Goals:
Exercise after Waking Up (HIIT or Weights).
Exercise before Going to Bed (Aerobics)
Walk to Work as much as possible.
Eat Paleo Diet Three Times a Day.
(one protein+ two veggies + one or two fruit)
Try to Stick with No-S diet as much as possible.
(No snacks, no sweets, no seconds except on Special Holidays)
Log Workouts in Fitocracy.

Weekly Goals:
Weigh in at least once a week. Log it.
Check Sugar Levels at least once a week.