Darn links in a few posts and pages are not working at the moment.  I’ll slowly fix this up and tidy things a bit over time, especially on the pages. (maybe on posts too eventually).

I have started blogging on this blog and a few others a little the last couple of days more. I might start focusing on this one big time in the coming weeks, months, years.


Ugh… Various Philosopies…

I’m going to create an “Ugh… Various Philosophies” page today on this site to showcase my various “unique mental train of thoughts” on a lot of different things in life, religion, the Universe, and various other things.

The page will be the sort of a place that those who might be thinking about writing my eulogy someday may want to visit to come up with ideas and inspirations. It will be a place with some very interesting takes on some biggies in life that are sort of ‘wow’ revelation ideas that came to me at various points in life… that I figure are big enough to share with others somewhere.

Enjoy yourself reading it!

little bit of catching up to do…

Last few months I haven’t been working out much other than just walking around at work a lot.  Going to fix that going forward… Weight chart isn’t pretty, but will start showing some improvement soon.  I’m going to try to start spending an hour a day working out if possible as many days as possible.

I must get in shape so that I can keep up with my child, and live long enough to see her grow.




Working out…

Well, now that I’ve started to get better (been sick with walking pneumonia for a couple of weeks) I’m going to start working out more again.  Did a little 12 minutes of cardio today. Will do more going forward daily.  Planning to do a little kettlebell or HIIT (high intensity interval training) after work before bed, and cardio after getting up before work.  We’ll see how it goes.