a few Panoramas

I love the Google Cardboard app and plan to start taking more panoramas with it over time.  Here’s a few. (I will probably add more in other posts in the future)


Above photo Panorama was taken at overpass near Overton, just outside of Boonville, Missouri.


Above photo was taken at Casey’s on corner of Main Street and I-70 in Boonville. I like the view from there.  I may post more photos from there over time.


Above photo was taken at Rolling Hills Park in Boonville, Missouri.



Above Panoramas were taken at Harley Park, in Boonville Missouri.


Above photo was taken in a building in Kansas City where the Train Expo took place a few months back.

Also, here’s a few non cardboard Panoramas from other sources either manually put together or automated with Google Photos or just playing around with the camera in different settings


Above panorama is from Toulan, a planet in Entropia Universe.


The above panorama is from Rocktropia, another Planet in Entropia Universe.


The above photo is another Panorama from Toulan, in Entropia Universe.


The above photo is yet another Toulan panorama.


The above panorama is from Entropia Universe too, but I cannot remember if this one was from Toulan or Arkadia.



Above Panoramas were from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and were taken when Tekla and I were on our Honeymoon in 2005.



Above Panoramas were taken in Colorado, just off of I-70 when we were travelling many years ago to go see my Brother Danny when he lived in Las Vegas, and was stationed there with the Air Force.

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