Lincoln Log Buildings, Castles, and other Creations

Over time our Lincoln Log collection has grown. My ancient set from when I was a child is ours. The set that my Granny used to have is now ours. We also bought a few of the cheap substitutes for the longer pieces from Clydsdale Cabin on Etsy (you do get what you pay for with him so quality isn’t super high, but for just having extra logs to build with his expansion sets are ok).

We like to use the Lincoln log sets, as well as some wooden blocks and foam tile blocks to create castles and kingdoms for Katrina’s small action figures and dolls. The adventures never end.

Many times when we complete the castle, town, or building we take photos afterwards before the ‘Giant Hurricane Katrina’ knocks it down…

Below are a few photos of some of these creations.

Photoed above are Elana and Sofia.  Creating cabins and castles tall enough to accommodate Elana’s height is sometimes tricky since things tend to get a bit wobbly once we get above her head height… but a lot of times we do try to create castles with at least one room big enough to allow for that sort of head room.

The building we created above took a while to put together. Most of the creations shown here actually do take a while, but the higher you go the more careful you have to be be…

The above photo is one of the most pure and innocent photos from my daughter’s childhood that I will cherish.  The blue thing laying down in the cabin is her magic wand.  She put the covers on it to tuck it in for the night. 🙂

Usually when characters get involved in these creations she ends up putting them to bed eventually like this.  She even tucks in the bad guys from time to time.

Peter Rabbit is a McDonald’s toy from when the movie came out. He fires a big carrot out of that spring loaded thing he holds.  For this reason he’s typically one of Elana’s head of Security.

The Etsy purchased logs are a lighter color than the traditional set, so you can get some interesting patterns when you start combining the two sets.  I believe the Etsy stuff is just cheap pine, warps, cracks, and all, but it can still be fun to play with.

Below is the closest I’ve come to creating a Cathedral out of the logs…

Katrina loves putting the one hole logs inside of buildings like the above photo shows. It’s interesting what patterns and conceptions she comes up with that are way outside of the box for her Daddy’s mind.   Her creative power astounds me daily.

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