slowly working on things…

I changed the theme of this blog a while back to make it load faster and be easier to read. Since that time I’ve started looking over things here a bit, and I see a lot of little things that have changed over time that I need to updated, etc. For instance my cafepress site is gone completely… some old links don’t work to old sites I used to have, etc.  I’m slowly working on tweaking things, at least in the main ‘pages’ of this blog, but it’s a slow process. Please be patient if you find some outdated link or something, as there are plenty of those out there nowadays.

I think the massive overtime at work is starting to simmer down a bit (we were doing 6 days a week with one – two hours of OT required every day most of January-April 2019… a few deadlines have now passed, so it’s starting to slow a bit, but we still aren’t out of the woods completely yet.  As I get more free time on breaks, time that isn’t going to OT, etc. I’ll have more time to work on this and my other blogs, etc.

I have not worked on a lot of projects for a while. For instance that list of artists blog that has links here… not sure I’ll ever go back to working on that project, etc..

I am working on the blog here at and over at at the moment.  That family blog is a slow process since I’m slowly moving stuff in from familysearch in to the ZZZ generation list there… one little bit at a time when I have time… not a lot of that lately… Goal there is to go back 10 generations at least in depth on my and Tekla’s sides of the family and do a blog post on mostly everyone going back that far there.  I get sidetracked on that a lot since familysearch is constantly pulling in new sources on various family members over time.  I have to link each of those in manually in familysearch as it finds them… and sometimes that can take hours depending on how many there are… sometimes one person may have 12 – 20 sources or more in some cases.,.

Time will tell what I actually do work on.


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