Wood Pack – jeffpac52502.zip


This is a zip file of several wood textures I shot quite a few years ago. Clicking on the above images or this description will open this item in Turbosquid where it can be purchased for royalty free use.

A few keywords related to this zip file: wood, texture, grain, wood grain, texture, phone pole, staple holes, telephone pole, knot, wooden, board

Over time I will probably create more zip files to sell in Turbosquid. Texture packs in a zip file seem to be an interesting idea that is a worthwhile project. I didn’t do a lot of this previously since I haven’t had time or the energy or resources, but now that I’m using google photos and some editing software more, this type of thing is easier… hard to find a few images with related themes and ideas out of tens of thousands of photos I take… google photos is helping me start to do that…

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