Wood 1003

Wood1003 is an image that can be purchased on Turbosquid by clicking on the above image or on this text.

This is an image that uploaded to Turbosquid many years ago. This image is a photo of a door frame to a very old building that has a lot of aged, cracked paint on it. There are is a small row of bricks next to the frame that are also very aged, and in stages of decay. Patterns in the textures in the bricks or cracked paint in this photo could be copied and pasted, etc. in various Photo Manipulation programs to create some very interesting textures to be put on 3d models or just for background patterns for websites, etc.

A few keywords related to this image are crack, brick, red, white, paint, aged, textured, texture, cracks, surface, pattern, old, aged, ancient, antique, architecture, building, city, grit, exterior, street, alley

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