Cloud (1196) Revised

Cloud (1196) Revised is a Stock Photo of interesting cloud patterns.Cloud (1196) Revised is a stock photo of interesting cloud patterns in the sky that I shot several years ago. Cloud 1196 Revised can be found on Turbosquid by clicking on the above photo or by clicking on this text.

The patterns that the setting sun revealed on the underside of the clouds made for a very interesting texture.

Portions of images like this could potentially be used for website backgrounds, or used in various other creative ways in 3d software for patterns or background textures.

Dimensions: 2976 x 1900 pixels

Resolution: 96 DPI

Bit Depth: 24

Color Representation: sRGB

Keywords associated with this image are blue, sky, cloud, clouds, cloudy, cumulus, purple, lit, shine, silhouette, chiaroscuro, dark, bright, dull, dim, fluffy, puffy, fluff, puff, circle, circular patterns, pattern clouds, sunset, lit from below, rain, rainy, rains, storm, majestic, skies, up, look up.

This stock photo is also available on Art Station.


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