Thunder Roll

Thunder Roll is a photo that is available for purchase!

Thunder Roll is a digital photo of the sky during a neat weather event.  The patterns that the clouds take on is something I find interesting. They are abstract finger-like shapes and forms that create a variety of interest points in the negative space that is created.

Dimensions: 2590 x 2230

Resolution: 72 DPI

Bit Depth: 24

Thunder Roll is available for purchase on Artstation.

A variety of products with Thunder Roll printed on them are available on Fine Art America.

A few keywords associated with this image are landscape, cloudscape,  cloud, clouds, cloudy, overcast, shape, chiaroscuro, negative space, space, spacing, grey, darks, lights, white, green, blue, smoky, drifting, drift, wind, windy, weather, rain, rainy, meteorology, forecast, abstract, background, blues, greens, storm, stormy, humidity, humid, pattern, blues, greens, backlit, sidelit, organic, curved, curvy, soft, soft edged, beautiful, lovely, day, daylight, environment, up, look up, sky, skies, central, shape, shapes, interpretation, mystic, majestic, cumulus, floating, fresh, abstract, interesting, pattern.

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