Downtown Clouds

Downtown Clouds Stock Photo Collection is available!

Downtown Clouds Photo Collection is now available!

Downtown clouds is a small zip file containing several digital photos I shot of some interesting clouds in a downtown Boonville, Missouri location.  Photos like this could potentially be cropped to be used on backgrounds for websites, or for various 3d animation projects, or just 2d image manipulation.

There are 39 photos in this zip file.

Dimensions: 4032 x 1950 Pixels, or 1960 x 4032, and there’s one big VR image in the zip that is 9430×1755 pixels.

Resolution: 72 DPI

Bit Depth: 24

Color Representation: sRGB

When I am in environments like this I feel like we are walking through God’s own surreal paintings.  The recent flooding in this area near the Missouri River has caused a lot more water in the air than normally is here, so the air is reacting with very beautiful cloud formations that are a lot closer to the ground than they normally are.

Price for this is being set at 19.93 in memory of the 1993 flooding.  We never though we’d live to see another flood of that proportion here, but this one is actually bigger in some areas.

Downtown Clouds is available on Artstation!

Downtown Clouds is also available on Turbosquid.



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