Starting to play with other software…

Currently working on trying to piece together a panorama with Hugin, Microsoft Image Composite Editor, and Autostitch as well as a few panorama apps in Android… . We’ll see how this goes. What I’m thinking about doing is starting to do a LOT more panoramic projects in the not too distant future. Figuring out which software works best for this is kind of tricky since each approaches the issue a little differently. May combine multiple in to one project… this could get very interesting very soon.

Back in ancient days I though I’d like to get in to doing panoramic shots to shoot outside of self/item and internal shots with photogammetry projects like d-sculpt stuff to create 3d images… at one point (back in my 20s and 30s) in time I though I was smart enough to start some crazy open source project to do both at the same time in one thing, but that was just crazy “I want to be a mad scientist when I grow up” Jeff thinking about things… now I’m actually thinking more along the process of actual adult artist/photographer in how I’m approaching these sort of things, lol.

A couple of related links:

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