Sky Shots

Sky Shots is available on Art Station!

Sky Sky shots is a zip file of some images of some lovely clouds in the sky!  Enjoy the great beauty of the heavens!

Sky Shots is available on Artstation!

These images were created by analyzing some videos I had shot of the sky in Microsoft Image Composite Editor that was then screen shot in to Paint Shop Pro and further cropping in Photoshop.

I have a great interest in clouds and the beauty they create in our skies.

A few keywords related to these images are cloud, clouds, cloudy, overcast, shape, chiaroscuro, grey, darks, lights, white, green, blue, smoky, drifting, drift, wind, windy, weather, rain, rainy, meteorology, forecast, abstract, background, blues, greens, storm, stormy, humidity, humid, pattern, blues, greens, backlit, sidelit, organic, curved, curvy, soft, soft edged, beautiful, lovely, day, daylight, sky, skies, central, shape, shapes, mystic, majestic, cumulus, floating, abstract, pattern, brother, comparison, little, backlit, panorama, digital photography.

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