Panoramic Decayed Timber

Panoramic Decayed Timber is available for purchase!

Panoramic Decayed Timber is a zip file that contains several texture photos that I recently shot of some decaying timbers that are next to a driveway, holding up one yard from falling in to the next.

These lawn timbers have been slowly falling apart since they were installed over 27 years ago.  They were very weathered with age, and contain some moss, cracks, etc.

Sorry if there is some blurry areas in some of the images.  I was manually shooting these by hand instead of using an assisted device to keep distance equidistant between camera and the texture… so these might be best for copy/paste textures for various projects instead of as full on single image textures for logs in your 3d scenes, etc.

Filetype: jpg

Bit Depth: 24

Dimensions vary:

1029 x 15553 Pixels

15940 x 1004 Pixels

874 x 18310 Pixels

2528 x 3952 Pixels

1073 x 14916 Pixels

18415 x 869 Pixels

17714 x 903 Pixels

17252 x 927 Pixels

16939 x 944 Pixels

19614 x 816 Pixels

17149 x 933 Pixels

23015 x 695 Pixels

14544 x 1024 Pixels

17085 x 936 Pixels

A few keywords related to these images are timber, moss, aged, weathered, decay, decayed, crack, cracked, wood, beam, board, pole, plank, rafter, lumber, wooden, mast, firewood, logs, log, kindling, woodworking, planks, brown, grey, green, grain, texture, outdoors, outside, edge, knotty, low-grade, landscape, yard, suburb, fence, wall, nature, pattern, panoramic, pano, contrast, zoomed, closeup, material, building, structure, frame, timbered, slab, pine, lumberyard

Panoramic Decayed Timber is available for purchase on Artstation!Panoramic Decayed Timber is available for purchase!

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